Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Day After (Eoddeon Gairn Nal) (2009)- What am I missing?

Okay time to do something different. For the last bunch of weeks I’ve been telling you about films, and now I’m going to ask you for an explanation of a film. I’ve seen the movie two and a half times (the last time last night) and the film completely eludes me.

The film is called The Day After in English and Eoddeon Gairn Nal in Korean (which is what you’ll have to use to find it on IMDB). It’s by a filmmaker named Lee Suk-gyung. The film feels like a Dogma 95 movie (basically films have to be as close to real life as possible, no music except if on the "radio", natural light, no real post production)).

The film’s plot follows a put upon single mom as she goes through several days of her life. It begins with her getting into a fight with a delivery man and it follows as she goes to work, dates and deals with her family. The largest portion of the film is a sequence where she in a hotel room at a conference and her roommate opens up about her life and we play fly on the wall as they sit in their beds and talk. It’s clear her life isn’t as bad as her friends. She goes home and….that’s pretty much it.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not a woman, perhaps it’s because it’s not that good, but for whatever reason the film completely eludes me. I’ve read a few pieces that mention it positively and the readers of IMDB (my self the notable exception) have given it 7 out of 10.

What am I missing? Any ideas?

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