Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) - In brief

This is just a brief note about a film thats just starting to play across America that I think you'll want to see, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Yes, Steig
Larson's Millennium trilogy has already been filmed in Sweden with the same actors carrying over in all three films. I don't know if the second and third films have US release dates, but based on this first film be assured that if they do I'm going to be lining up to see them as soon as they come out.

Note to Hollywood: Don't try to top this film. I know that you have your own version of the film in the works, but just stop it now. There is no need. This film will do fine, its damn near perfect and I highly doubt anyone will ever top Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander, the title character.

Note to anyone reading this: As I said, this is just hitting American theaters (and is coming out on DVD elsewhere in the world) so if it's playing near you- Go see it.

For those who don't know this is the story of Mickael Blomkvist, a journalist heading to prison for libel because a story he wrote went south. He has six months until he has to report to prison, during which time he's asked to look into the 40 year old disappearance of a rich man's niece. Along the way he hooks up with Lisbeth Salander and with her help it quickly begins to look like the disappearance might be linked to a series of murders going back decades.

Gripping and tense this is a movie that will hold you in the palm of its hand for the entire two and a half hour running time. There are so many turns that you can't help but watch since the story never coasts along, it just runs flat out from start to finish.

If for no other reason you must see Noomi Rapace's star making turn. Blomkvist maybe the main character but it Lisbeth you will remember forever.

A word of warning(and potential spoiler): The film is often violent and there violence against women that will curl your toes. Normally I wouldn't mention this but some of it is intense and even I had a hard time. I mention it because people behind me made comments about the intensity of it.

That's it for now. This was suppose to be brief, but the film is so good I couldn't stop typing. Do yourself a favor and be ahead of the curve and go out and see this before everyone else tells you about it.

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