Friday, March 5, 2010

Summer Days with Coo (NYIFF Flashback-kind of)

This is the story of a boy who picks up what he thinks is a cool looking stone by the river and in the process of washing it awakens a "gappa", a river spirit, the Coo of the title. The spirit moves in with the boy and his family, however it eventually becomes clear that he can't stay, especially after a media circus ensues, the boy sets about setting the gappa loose.

I was planning on doing a proper write up of this film but after writing up Tree of Palme,which I'm mixed about, yesterday, and looking at my notes on this film, and thinking about the film, I've come to the conclusion that I really don't care for it.

I know that this is a strange thing to post but, I'm not that big a fan of it. I'm not sure why I'm mentioning the film, I mean why mention the film if you don't like it? For some reason I feel that I should.

Actually, I do know why, its the animation. There are several amazing sequences that really made me go "Oh WOW". The dragon sequence, Coo and the boy swimming, Coo and the dog interacting as well a few others, are truly beautiful to see.

But as good as they are they are just sequences, not a whole movie. The rest of the film feels like a by the numbers TV sitcom or dramedy that runs two and a half hours. Its simply too long to support the small story.

Is it worth seeing? On this one I can't make that call. On some level I must feel that way since I'm mentioning it, on another maybe not.

Currently the film is difficult to see in the US. There is no US release and its availability as an import is spotty. Odds are you're not going to run across it, but if you do at least you'll know what it is.

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