Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Perhaps Love (2005)

I find I love this film more than I can say. This is one of those movies that I've handed off (at least 5) copies to people since I saw it early in 2009. Where many other movies faded from view this one stayed with me for the whole year and then some.

This film also answers the question of "Why do I love Asian cinema?". The answer is I love it because the continent seems to be the biggest place in the world where people are in love with film as much as me. They break the rules; they break the bounds and they make things that nobody else is doing.

A musical of sorts, this is the story of an actor who once wanted to be a director, an actress who once loved the actor but now is now involved with her director, and the director who loves the actress even though he knows she may leave him. They are all making a musical film which in movie tradition parallels the triangle that exists in real life. Its an often jaw dropping, eye popping emotional film. To be sure it doesn't always make complete sense, partly because the frame work confuses things a bit too much, and partly because I don't think all of the elements are there, but at the same time the music, the images and the emotion just carry you along.

Many people compare it to Moulin Rouge but I don't think that's fair since this film really only compares to that film in that they are musicals. This is a movie musical that knows what it is and knows how to use the conventions of movies and musicals to great effect.

This is a movie I want to go out and show to people. I want to show it to people and explain- "you want to know why I love movies here watch this" or "If you want to know what a movie is suppose to be watch this". It's magical- from the opening narration about how we are all the directors of our lives- to the final fade out this is pure movie magic.

If you love movies or musicals or both you do really want to see this...

Available on dvd from a variety of sources

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