Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Angulimala (2003)

There is no one path to enlightenment. There is no one path to god. Everyone must walk their own path to salvation and no one can say what is right for anyone else.

The belief that there are differing paths is to enlightenment is at the heart of this Thai film about a Brahman born to be a thief and murderer despite the hope it would be otherwise. When the signs at his birth are bad the young child is sent away to study philosophy in the hopes of changing fate. The monks sensing his bad side refuse to teach him, however he does learn. When he's tricked into believing that the killing of 1000 bad men will bring about his getting the core of Dharma he is set on a murderous path.

Odd film about the ability to change and find enlightenment even after walking a dark path. The ending where he does find enlightenment is strangely moving even if it seems to be at odds with all that went before. Actually this is the sort of film that will get you thinking, what is the ultimate path to salvation anyway?

Recommended for those who want a real change of pace but not for general consumption (at least by American audiences) since its dark path to the light will upset many.

(And yes this is supposed to be a true story)

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