Sunday, July 10, 2011

DIsaster: The Movie (2006)

This is a Robot Chicken like film that spoofs Armageddon and other big screen scifi and disaster films.

Full of sex, violence, nudity and poop jokes, this film had me in stitches for the first half of its running time as it played like a great episode of Robot Chicken but with a potty mouth.

The problem is that just before the half hour mark the plot kicks in and they have to make do with the stupidity they've set in motion. Before that it's a series of loosely connected gags that could and did go anywhere. After that it's as if some one suddenly realized they have to some how pull it together but it doesn't really work (even if bits are still funny). On top of that the graphic bathroom jokes hit critical mass and thing fall apart.

Yea I laughed during the second half but not as much as the first. However considering I paid about 2 bucks for the DVD in a dump bin at Blockbuster I got my moneys worth out of it. (The film can be had for under a fiver in many discount racks if you look for it)

The DVD contains a couple of short animated films by the same director: a Star Trek spoof thats WAY too long at 8 minutes, two brief Forest Gump spoofs that are okay, and a truly twisted in a wrong sort of way, as a mommy explains to her daughter why one of her Barbie like dolls comes in a wheel chair.

It should be stated none of the shorts or even the feature should be viewed by children.

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