Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House of Danger (1934)

Two friends are returning from the south seas. One comes from a rich family that he ran away from, the other is a self made man. When the boat they are returning on catches fire and explodes The rich man is injured. He sends his friend in his stead to investigate the matters surrounding his fathers death. Trouble ensues as the murderers don't like be investigated and love blooms where it shouldn't.

Solid B thriller is less a mystery then a crime drama since we pretty much know at the outset who the bad guys are, our hero just needs to get the proof. For the most parts things are well done, with only a few odd twists and turns in the plot (I'm not a fan of the ending) to lessen the proceedings. Over all the film is worth seeing especially if you're a fan of the 1930's mysteries.

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