Friday, July 22, 2011

Japan Cuts: An Apology

An apology to Japan Cuts - I won't be coming to the closing night film Into The White Night. I would love to do it, but the 100 plus degree weather with high humidity doesn't make for a nice stroll to the theater. Add in signal problems on the LIRR and its just not happening.

I do want to thank you for a wonderful year. I saw 19 of the 32 films and for the most part they were all a really good bunch with a couple of films that were some of my favorites of the year (Rinco's Restaurant, Last Ronin, Sword of Desperation, Abraxas, Ringing in Their Ears, Vengeance Can Wait... and a few others)

If I can make one small request, do you think you can manage to get some of the manic feel that the cross promotion with the NYAFF brings all through the series? Don't get me wrong I love you guys but we have to thaw some of the members of the audience who are just a tad stogy.

I hate that you're done and we have to wait until next wait... no this isn't the NYAFF you have films all year long.... Okay guys whats next?

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