Friday, July 8, 2011

Mondocurry NYAFF report vol. 8 preview: Battle Royale VS. The Story of Ricky: Riki O

In a way there may not be too much to report about tonight's New York Asian Film Festival festivities. It's a double of feature of two movies that are already quite notorious for their unique visions of ultraviolence. It's interesting though that despite this and the fact that seeing the two movies on the schedule as they are made me immediately need to see both, there is not all that much in common. One is deadly serious while the other is taken rather lightly for its humorous excess.

Still I will look for a "winner" in some form or other in this sure to be great lineup that is truly "subway cinema" (although chances are I'll be driving across town instead of taking the train).

Meanwhile the relatively calm and orderly week, which held a few days of new Korean movies and a night of new Japanese movies, is returning to weekend haywire mode. Not so much in volume, which for me is way down from opening weekend, but in scope. After the double feature of retro action, I'll see and report on a few Wu Xia movies (ZU, THE BLADE) with Tsui Hark attending both, an ultra-long Japanese drama (HEAVEN'S STORY) and another new Japanese WTF comedy/drama of sorts (LOVE AND LOATHING AND LULU AND AYANO). This lineup extends into Monday as that will be my last day at the festival before I leave town for a bit.

And this, by the way, is just what I am seeing. There is so much more to check out at both the Walter Reade Theater and Japan Society. Some of those goings ons include the day of manga inspired or just plain manga-esque action that DB will check out Saturday at Japan Society with both GANTZ movies and YAKUZA WEAPON.

Read, watch, (if at all possible) GO! and enjoy.

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