Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NYAFF: Things you shouldn't miss (Amended so it doesn't read to show how tired I was when I wrote it)

The first weekend of the New York Asian Film Festival is over but there is still 10 days left. So what if you missed Machete Maidens Unleashed or the complete 13 Assassins, Duel to the Death and the two showings of A Boy and His Samurai (I told you Sunday to go) not to mention Sell Out there is still plenty of time to get out and see a bunch of really good films.

To help you along I've come up with a gentle reminder of a few titles you definitely want to see:

First off Abraxas screens at 615 today. go see it. Your soul needs to see it. Trust me, it great karma.

I buried 22 films in one huge post last week which was a bad thing since it's so long you may not have read it. Hidden in there was a few real gems, some of which are listed below:

First of the MUST sees in The Cabbie. This wonderful little film is about a cabbie and his relationship with friends, family, fares and a certain cop he falls in love with. It's a great film, and damn near impossible to see it in English (There is NO English DVD even as an import). It's running Thursday afternoon in a slot that is probably going to mean a light turn out. It's a shame because this is one of the finds of the year for me, It's so good I bought a copy of it in Chinese-which I don't speak- just to have a copy.

If you've never seen Tsui Hark's The Blade you need to go see it on a big screen. Trust me seeing it in a good copy on a big screen is amazing. I don't like the film and it blew me away, so much so I'm telling you to see it. There is nothing like seeing it at the Walter Reade. And even if you think you've seen it before you really haven't since the film has only recently gone officially to home video for the first time via a French DVD-everything else is a bootleg.

Ninja Kids plays Saturday at the Japan Society and is a blast. Tickets maybe hard to come by so act now because everyone has been talking about it- and right that they should.

Milocroze a Love Story is playing Sunday night at the Japan Society and is equally a festival highlight.

If you've never seen Battle Royale you must go to the Japan Society Friday night because its going to be a rocking house with and audience pumped to see a game changing film.

The screening of Detective Dee Monday is sold out. There will be a standby line if you want to try to go (Tsui Hark will be getting his Star Asia Award)...however if you miss it this is getting a release here in the US... then again Tsui Hark will be in the house...

Reign of Assassins is getting one screening on Saturday after Zu and another on Sunday. It's a great great film that it is way better than you think it is. It was on my list of best films of 2010.

Punished is getting one more screening Sunday night and is a kick in the ass. I need to see this again and really write it up.

The popcorn movie of the festival Troubleshooter runs twice next week and is a blast and a half.

Also running tomorrow and next week is Unjust, a story of corruption in and around a police investigation into a serial child killer. It's one of the best of the fest.

I'm 38 films into the festival and for the most part all of the films good (or at least worth trying) so look at the schedule, pick something and go.

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