Friday, July 8, 2011

Fury at Showdown (1957)

This is a solid small scale western that was a nice discovery when I ran across it on a Sunday afternoon on Encore Westerns.

The plot concerns Brock Mitchell (John Derek), a gunslinger who has gained a great deal of animosity by having killed the relatives of several towns folk. He's determined to change his ways and raise cattle with his younger brother Tracy (Nick Adams). Unfortunately the pair runs a foul of a lawyer who's relative Brock killed in a fair fight. The lawyer has vowed revenge and he doesn't care who it hurts (especially since it will make him a few bucks if he can manage to get a government supply contract thrown his way).

A neat little western is great viewing on a lazy Sunday. I was watching TV with my Dad and we weren't sure what to watch when we stumbled upon the film while channel surfing. There was something far from run the a mill bout it that drew us in early. Before long we were hooked and despite having chores to do we sat glued to the TV for it's entire 75 minute running time. The ending, while a tad abrupt was nicely keeping with the mood and the style of the rest of the film.

The film appears not to be on home video, however it is on rotation on cable TV and worth keeping an eye out for.

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