Thursday, July 7, 2011

NYAFF: DB's Mea Culps

I've been home alone the last three nights not attending the NYAFF. During the time off I've had time to reflect on things and I realized I made a few mistakes which require addressing.

This then is my mea culpa…an apology for some recent boo boos.

First I apologize that some of my recent NYAFF posts have been way more jagged than is my norm. I’m going back and working to fix them. I will blame it entirely on being way too tired from the FF. Being 38 and a half films into the festival will exhaust you. (The half is Yellow Sea which is so far is so good that I don’t think I’ll mind staying out to 2 AM on a school night to see the rest.)

Secondly I would like to retract some of my words concerning Haunters. Yes, I still find it stupid as a stick, but there have been other bigger disappointments since I posted on the film and I have to say it’s not the must miss film I thought it was. Looking at the DVD again I do find the set pieces lift the film up even if the central conflict nonsensical.

Lastly I need to apologize to director Lee Joon-ik for burying a review of Battlefield Heroes at the bottom of an impossibly long post. It’s a really good film deserving of it’s own longer review but which sadly got lost in the shuffle. I’ll try to find the time and properly review it; though to be fair I did find it’s cynicism and dark out look on the nature of war does make it a film you admire more than you love.

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