Friday, July 15, 2011

A Thank You to Everyone at the New York Asian Film Festival

At the time this posts the NYAFF will have finished screening its last film for 2011 some three hours previously. It's also the time that I would have been home had I gone to the screening of Yellow Sea.

I'm not here to take stock of the film festival just yet (though I do have to say that this year it did kick ass) rather I just want to take time out to say a sincere thank you to everyone at the fest who made everyone's time so much fun. You guys rock and you are still the best film festival in New York bar none.

Thank you to the volunteers who were helpful and fun to joke with.

Thank you to the Film Society of Lincoln Center for letting the barbarians come and play.

I want to thank Samuel Jamier and the Japan Society for once more spreading the fun across Manhattan by co-hosting some of the films.

Mostly I need to thank Grady and Marc, and the guys whose names I don't know because you're not out in front but who have been there all these years, for sharing your love of Asian cinema with all of us at the best two week party anyone could ever hope for. Not only did you let us all come in to see the wonders you found, you made sure we all were having the time of our lives.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

You once more out did yourselves.

Now rest up and chill out...and don't worry about a thing, since we'll all be there next year as you guys continue your second decade of fun.

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