Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mondocurry NYAFF report vol. 4.5: The Koreans Are Coming!

For the next 2 days, I will be seeing nothing but Korean movies at The New York Asian Film Festival, making up for their absence from the opening weekend schedule.

Tuesday (today) I will be watching only one film: an offbeat food related romance of sorts called THE RECIPE.

on Wednesday, I am strapping myself in for a triple feature of three very different takes on violence and drama: Ryoo Seung Wan's latest crime thriller THE UNJUST, supernatural action hit HAUNTERS, and psycho-drama BEDEVILLED.

My schedule is such that I will not be taking on the first of the festival's full day of Korean features, FOXY FESTIVAL.

In light of that, I'd like to try something different by asking YOU (if you're out there) to chime in with a comment on this or the next report with YOUR thoughts on the bawdy looking comedy FOXY FESTIVAL!

Keep in mind, all of these films will reappear in the schedule at Walter Reade Theater later on in the festival. There is also a drop dead gorgeous finale with Ryoo Seung Wan in the theater for an introduction and Q & A on THE UNJUST and his earlier festival hit CITY OF VIOLENCE, and director Na Hong-Jin here to do the same for his latest, THE YELLOW SEA and his previous chest-tightening drama, THE CHASER. BATTLEFIELD HEROES will also play during those closing two days that I wish I could be here to report on, but will be out of town. And lastly, somewhere in the midst of the festival, action hit THE MAN FROM NOWHERE will be screened.

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