Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mondocurry NYAFF Report vol. 11: bidding adieu to the new york asian film festival

I watched my last screenings yesterday of a surprisingly gripping drama from Japan called LOVE AND LOATHING AND LULU AND AYANO (its Japanese title roughly translates to We Nameless Women) followed by the fever dream of watching THE BLADE.  Tsui Hark was again on hand to speak after the screening of this highly appreciated film, which brought out several, possibly all of the Asian guests in New York for the festival.

I am brimming with thoughts, but I leave it at a fond farewell since travel awaits.  I will follow up when I am settled in to where I am going, with the Q & A after THE BLADE and more organized thoughts.

Although my time at the NYAFF is over, the festival is far from done.  There are three more action packed days, punctuated by a double feature of Tak Sakiguchi films (VERSUS, YAKUZA WEAPON), a double fearture of Ryoo Seung-Wan films (CITY OF VIOLENCE, THE UNJUST), and finally, a double feature of Na Hong-Jin films (THE CHASER, THE YELLOW SEA).

Damn...I'm certainly jealous for not being able to be there for those.

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