Friday, July 22, 2011

Hit and Run (2009)

Driving home drunk a young lady hits a bump in the road and thinking nothing of it continues on her way home. Later that night hearing noises she finds that the bump wasn't nothing, rather it was a man who is now mashed into the grill of her car. Deciding against calling 911 she chooses to finish the guy off and then bury him out in the woods. Unfortunately he's not dead and he's really angry.

Dark film starts off some what by the numbers, but then things slowly turn darker and darker with more than a few twists turning things rather black. The power of the film is not so much from anything in the film so much as from the progression of the story. There is a nice internal logic that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering where this nightmare is going to go. Worth a look see, though if you're like me don't be surprised if this think hangs around the edges of your mind.

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