Sunday, July 24, 2011

Films and Film Festivals now through early fall

I was going to write up a piece on the Asian American International Film Festival and and realized that there are a bunch of film festivals coming up.

Taking everything out of Order is the Asian American International Film Festival. This year it Runs from the 10th to the 14th of August and it’s got a couple of really good looking film in its line up. First off is the opening night film Amigo which is the new film from John Sayles. I’d really like to see this but I’m not to sure if I can budget it in (The film is a big to do with a 35 dollar price tag). Not to worry there are other films including The Piano in the Factory which I missed at both the Gold Coast Film Festival and the Stony Brook film festivals; and Aftershockwhich was one of the best films of last year and is guaranteed to reduce you to tears. Do yourself a favor and check the website for a bunch of really cool films.

Lincoln Center is about to start three great series. First up is their Sydney Lumet retrospective is starting this weekend. It’s followed by a an All Singing and All Dancing series of Judy Garland films. Then the film center looks at the best films from Central and South America with Latin Beat. I’m looking forward to this last series since there are a good number of choice films in the mix.

The second half of August is the New York City International Film Festival. To be painfully honest I’m mixed about this festival. Last year this festival looked great, this year I'm not too sure. To be certain if you love short films this is for you with hours of short films every day in several locations, but the features seem to be a mixed bag with several on already on DVD. I’m not sure what we at Unseen will be doing since I’m still trying to make sense of the website. If you’re adventurous give it a try.

BAM is having a weekend of animation this weekend when The Animation Block Party takes over the place for lots of short film screenings. This is a must see since the Block Party tends to pick choice films.

That is followed by some great Hong Kong action films Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain, Dragon Inn and Ricki-Oh. Yes all three played at the recent NYAFF and these screenings are in conjunction with Subway Cinema. Check out the website for more details.

BAM is also running a look back at Magnolia Films so if you've ever wanted to see Onk Bak, Bronson, The Host or Let the Right One in on the big screen now is your chance.

Film Forum is running a series of Pre-Code films that is a must see. There are too many to mention though they are running Tarzan and his Mate and King Kong on one bill on August 6. Two of the best adventure films ever made on one bill? it's a must see....

I should also mention that Prospect Park in Brooklyn will be running the restored Metropolis with an Orchestra on August 4th at 7PM.

As the summer winds down we are making plans during this quiet time for the fall festival season.

We will be attending the New York Comicon in October. We did it small scale last year with Ken and myself, however this year we're looking to do something on the order of our Tribeca and NYAFF with correspondents all over the place.

I just received preliminary word on this year’s New York Film Festival,so with luck we'll be giving you our full scale treatment on this as well.

And I think we may take another run at the NY Horror Film Festival despite my reservations

There's more of course, with several other film festivals and things like the Linncoln Center Horror series to look forward to, so we at Unseen are going to be busy... Keep reading since there is going to be a good many films coming your way...

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