Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All-Star Superman (2010)

A beautifully animated adaptation of a terrific comic book, All-Star Superman is first and foremost a story about the power of love. Superman's unconditional love for the people of his adopted home planet of Earth is the central theme of the film. Due to the actions of arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, Superman is dying, and he has certain tasks he wants to perform before his time is up. The dynamic of his relationship with Lois Lane shifts, as she learns many things about him, including what it's like to BE him for a while.

Although certain sub-plots from the brilliant comic book by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely are dropped for time considerations, the remaining ones perform in the same manner as in the book. Many seemingly innocuous moments are actually set-ups for future events, and nearly everything ties together cleverly as the story progresses. With only a couple of exceptions, while it may not seem as such at the moment, everything is there for a reason.

The look of the animation is styled on Quitely's unique look, and is done so wonderfully. The motion is very fluid, and the settings have real depth and life to them. The voice actors are also particularly good, filling each scene with the right amount of emotion. Nothing seems overdone or underplayed. There is the right amount of humor thrown in as well, making the whole thing not too heavy handed.

The Blu-Ray edition comes packed with lots of extras, including a feature length commentary by Morrison and producer Bruce Timm, who has been directly responsible for many of the successful animation transfers from DC Comics in recent years. There is also a digital copy to throw onto your iPod, which in this case was used to show some of it to Quitely at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle in March 2011, as he had yet to see it.

Overall a very positive film, with plenty of action in it as well, but definitely about the good one can accomplish if you just put your efforts towards that goal.

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