Thursday, August 24, 2023

Ambulance (2022)

Michael Bay’s crazy action film was on several of my friend’s best of the year list for 2022. Most people I know who saw it in the theater were in love with the film. I’m not as in love with the film.

The plot of the film has two brother robbing a bank of 32 million dollars and having it all go horribly wrong during the escape. Hijacking an ambulance with a wounded cop in the back things rapidly go from bad to worse.

Crazy action sequences highlight this over the top action film. Supposedly filmed with most of the sequences via drones that allowed the  action to happen in a way that previously could only be done in computers, this is a film with shots that will make you go wow. I can only imagine what this looked like on a big screen and as such I completely understand why people fell in love with it.

Seeing it on my 45inch TV at home I liked the film but I wasn’t as in love with it.  I think not being forced to focus on what was happening on a huge screen resulted in my not being able to fully suspend disbelief. I loved the eye candy but I never was fully invested.

That said it’s a hell of a thrill ride and worth a look.

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