Tuesday, August 1, 2023

La Lucha (2023) Plays the Black Star Film Festival August 3

I’m only able to do a pointer for LA LUCHA. When the request for coverage came in I was in the middle of three festivals. Honestly I was going to decline doing coverage but in a free moment I decided to take a look at the film and I was really impressed by the film so I had to at least take a moment to mention it.

LA LUCHA is the story of a the fight to get the a month payment for those with disabilities in Bolivia.  Because many can not work they need assistance and they ask for month stipend which amounts to only $70 American. In order to raise awareness a group of activists decide to travel across the country including trekking across the Andes in their wheel chairs.

This is a hell of  tale. It’s a magnificent tale about the fight  for what is right. I was moved.

Yes there have been other similar stories, but they haven’t been this story, with this cast of characters. You will fall in love with everyone on screen and want to call them friend.

Very recommended when the film plays on the 3rd at the Black Star Film Festival or when the film eventually hits TV

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