Tuesday, August 29, 2023


If you grew up on bad horror films from the 1980's this film will make you nostalgic as you doubled over in hysterical laughter.

The film is set up as a home video recording of a film allegedly lost to time. The film was supposedly banned by order of President Reagan, but saved because some one recorded a late night TV showing. The film follows what happens when the twin brother of one of the characters in the earlier films (which don't exist) switches colleges and pledges at his brothers old fraternity in the hopes of catching his brother's killer- a deadly woman known as Motherface. Motherface wiped out two previous groups of frat boys partying in the woods.

This is a send up of every slasher film and pretty much every horror cliche you can think of.that came out of the 1980's. Having suffered through way too many of the films its sending up I spent a good amount of time doubled over in laughter as I watched the mayhem unfold. They got it note perfect.

To be honest when the film started and the films retro shot on home video look came on to the screen I was groaning because I suspected that this was going to be one of those films that thought it was clever, but wasn't. I figured it was going to use degraded video imagery to cover up all sorts of flaws. I thought it would be rife with errors and attempts at making things seem old, Instead the film started to get all of the the little things right. The film looks and feels like an 80's film filtered through a modern lens. Other than the an occasional out of place line, the film is dead on, including a joke about not saying Fuck (which is a riff on a joke in a 1981 film called STUDENT BODIES). Yes there is a silliness to the performances, but if you've seen what they are sending up they aren't that far off. (and hell they even bring in some stars (Patton Oswalt, Nina Hartley and Larry King) for fleeting cameos)

The film is a a bloody delight. Blood and body parts flow copiously, always to laughable effect. People don't bleed they shoot geysers of blood. And no one dies normally, they die in ridiculous manners.

This is one of the funniest horror comedies in years.

If the film has any flaw it's that 102 minutes the film kind of runs out of steam.

Absolutely a must see for horror fans and for those who love to laugh and don't mind gore.

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