Saturday, August 26, 2023

Night Agent (2023)

A don’t normally watch series, but in a kind of desperation of needing something to fill an hour I put on THE NIGHT AGENT and fell in love with the first episode.

The series is about an agent named Peter who works the night shift on a desk in the White House. He is there to answer emergency calls. They almost never come in. When two assets are attacked they have their niece flee and call the desk in order to get help. He springs into action and quickly finds that he’s in the middle of a grand conspiracy.

Returning to the series a few days after I started it I went through it on a binge. That probably wasn’t a good idea since while I liked the characters and action I found the plot line strained. This was a long action thriller stretched  a couple of episodes past where it should be. I felt like I was watching the old movie serials which somethings would stretch things out to fill a prescribed number of episodes.  This could be less convoluted and trimmed and it would be an absolute killer.

Don’t get me wrong I liked the series, but where I was sitting staring at the screen for the early episodes by the end I was just going along.

Worth a look. (And I am looking forward to the next season)

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