Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Failure! (2023) FrightFest 2023

Ted Raimi is at the cross roads. His company, started by his late father if floundering. The bank wants its money and people don’t want him to sell. What is he to do? Can he do it in an hour?

Raimi gives a tour de force in the story of a man in crisis. As people and phantoms come and goes Raimi has to try and keep himself upright and in control. It’s an impressive piece of acting that should get him some awards at years end.

The film itself is a mixed bag. The problem here is the script which is almost a stage play. It a one room one take film that seems like it would be more at home on the stage. Honestly I would have accepted more of this had I seen it Off Broadway where there is a bigger suspension of disbelief. As it is the film feels unreal and the wrong sort of claustrophobic. 

While never bad, the limited staging never allows the film to reach the heights of Raimi’s performance. He’s the reason to see this, nothing else.

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