Monday, August 14, 2023

Clean Up Duty (2023)

There is a reason I love Christopher Di Nunzio's films. He's a director who spins things in ways you never expect.  Frequently he gives you a situation you've seen before and then he bends it...

Such is the case with CLEAN UP DUTY.  This is the story of a man in witness protection who is visited by a former associate...and that is all I can say. When you see the film you will understand why.

What I love about this film is that what happens makes perfect sense.  When I saw how things were playing out I suddenly wondered why didn't anyone ever think of that before.

What makes this film work is the cast. David Graziano and Fiore Leo are note perfect. These guys give us wise guys like the ones we've met in real life rather than the ones we see on screen. They are so good I can't believe that they aren't huge stars. 

Actually Graziano and Leo are more in a long line of perfectly cast actors  who inhabit Di Nunzio's films.  Di Nunzio searches out the best people to inhabit the world he created in each film and the result is a series of films that always put the characters front and center.  (And yes I know Graziano is a frequent, and wonderful, collaborator)

I love this film.

CLEAN UP DUTY is a delight. You need to see this when it hit s a festival near you.

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