Wednesday, August 9, 2023

BAAN (2023) Locarno 2023

BAAN is a very deliberately constructed film with matching shots taken across the globe. It has one of the best uses of popular music that I have ever seen in any film… and I would be hard pressed to tell you much beyond that.

Forgive me the film, about the search for a place to call home by wandering the world wasn’t really my cup of tea. Being one of the most artfully constructed films I’ve seen in the last few years it is a thing to be hold. I was enraptured with the technical aspects of the film . I love how someone standing on screen in on location in the day is suddenly perfectly placed in a city across the globe at night. There is a magic at work here.

Additionally frequent needle drops add perfectly to whatever is going on onscreen.

The problem is that the characters are so closed up and so guarded that they never connected to me. The final scene on a roof at night where all the cards are laid out just missed for me. The final statements about finding a place called home should have kicked my knees out, but it didn’t happen. Instead I didn’t react until the screen went black and Prince started playing.

The thing with BAAN is that while that may make the film sound like a bad film, I don’t think it is. I know it is an extremely well made film with an aesthetic that isn’t mine. I know a number of people who will click with the buttoned up characters and the art house vibe. If you are one of those people I recommend this film.

If not Look elsewhere.

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