Sunday, August 20, 2023

Mermaid (2022) Cinequest 2023

Marik Knight gives a performances for the ages as a 9 year old boy who is questioning his gender identity. Bullied he tries to commit suicide and is rescued by a drag performer with issues of his own.

A clunky opening bit gives way to the boy being taken into dry off and discovering a kindred spirit. Not a lot is said, but the performances from Harrison Kilian-White and especially young Mr Knight rock the universe. It’s all in looks and gestures. The moment that Kilian-White hands Knight a tube of lip gloss the film explodes. Knight’s demeanor changes and magic happens. Suddenly this person who didn’t know where they belonged finds a place to call home. Not in the physical place of the apartment but within them-self. Watch how the uncertainty goes away and is replaced by a fully formed human. A motion, a movement of a lock of hair and Knight has found a reason to live.

I was reduced to loud uncontrolled sobbing.

I can't say anything more meaningful then that.

What a great film.

Track this film down.

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