Thursday, August 10, 2023

Trader (2023)

It begins and ends  with Kimberly-Sue Murray. On screen all alone for the entire film she gives a tour de force. If you fall under Murray's spell this film will be a film you will love forever. If not you will want to turn it off almost immediately.

The plot of the plot of the film has Murray's lone wolf scammer trying to make a killing in the stock market by running scams to get the money to do what she needs to do. Its several weeks in the company of a not particularly nice young woman.

Full disclosure- I didn't much care for this film. I'm not a fan of financially based films, and this is a film full of stock talk, and I am not in the mood for films centering on people I don't particularly like. Life for me is too short to be spend movie time with when I wouldn't want to spend time with them in real life.

On the other hand Kimberly-Sue Murray is wonderful in a role that is certain to get her some year end love. Seriously if this was a bigger film with a bigger budget I could see her making a run for the Oscar. She is the reason to see this film.

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