Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Bella(2023) opens Friday


Bella is a loving portrait of Bell Abzug, the fire brand from New York who told it like she saw it and fought like the devil for her constituents and for the things she saw as right. She was a readily recognizable person due to her always wearing of big hats.

In this age when women are more and more taking the lead politically, Bella Abzug was the herald. Abzug kicked open the door  and then removed it, making certain that all the great female politiicans of today would be able to take their place on the big stage. If it wasn’t for Abzug there would be no Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, AOC, Lauren Bobert, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi  or any of the other women currently in Washington or on the state level. She made damn sure that what she and other women had to say was going to be heard.

25 years on from the passing of Abzug BELLA stands as an important film. Having passed away at time  that many of today’s generation of voters won’t know who Abzug was this film acts as a vital reminder that was once a time when there wasn’t a plethora of women in office. It wasn’t as easy as it is today and it took a bold and brash woman to show the world that some women belong in office.

For me this film was a wonderful trip down memory lane. My mom loved Abzug and she loved that she took the fight to anyone who needed it. Yea, Abzug was a woman, but my mother was drawn to her do the right thing nature. Occasionally my mom would joke and say she needed to get a hat so she could do what Abzug was doing.

This is a super film and worth your time

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