Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sloane: A Jazz Singer (2022) Chain Film Festival 2023 Cinequest 2023

Portrait of jazz singer Carol Sloane as she decides to get back to performing after taking time off to care for her husband. We look back her life as she prepares to make a live recording at the legendary Birdland.

While Sloane was known by jazz fans and musicians, she never really obtained major fame, despite traveling with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. She was a great singer and the film showcases her talent both now and in the past.

Going into the film I didn't think I knew who Carol Sloane was. I certainly didn't recognize the older lady who we see motoring around doing errands, kibitzing with the film crew and living life. Then the clips started to screen and I realized that I saw her on the Tonight Show and other TV talk shows decades ago. There was something about her face, her personality and her voice that made me realize after several decades I knew who she was.

This is a wonderful film.This is a loving portrait to a great singer who deserved to be in the hearts and ears of more than the jazz musicians and aficionados who put her on a pedestal because they knew how good she was. Its a portrait of a great lady who doesn't command our attention but earns it because she is just a joy to be around.

This film absolutely delighted me and I'm glad I got an arm twist that made me see it because it's such a good film. I mean that, I was not going to cover the film because I was in the middle of three festivals, and then the film came in unrequested and I had a minute...and I took a quick look, fully expecting to turn it down because it wasn't clicking and instead I found I lost the morning.

Films like this is why I keep doing Unseen Films.

The film plays The Chain Film Festival today and will screen as part of Cinequests in person slate this week.

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