Sunday, August 20, 2023

Brothers Broken (2023) Cinequest

This is the story of Geoff Levin and Robbie Levin who were part of the group PEOPLE! who had a hit with the song I Love You in 1968. Along the way they became members of the Church of Scientology before leaving the church and speaking out against it.

This is a good look at Scientology from members who where in the church for decades and were close to Hubbard and other high ranking officials. Because they were so close to the movers and shakers they can talk about the changes that happened over time. More importantly their low key discussion of their time in the church paints a more damning portrait than the majority of other exposes which shout to the rafters about what an evil organization the church is.

While I was uncertain at the start, BROTHERS BROKEN won me over by the end. At a time where we get various looks at L Ron Hubbard’s grift that deals with the more sensational parts of things, this film simply shows us what life was like over time. We see how the brothers fell in with the church and fell out, doing so in much the same way we’d probably get if we were discussing things over a quiet dinner. The result is a film that  changes your heart more firmly than a film that shouts and shrieks about what is wrong.

That isn’t to suggest I like the church, I think it’s ludicrous, I was anti-church from the release of church secrets which happened years ago thanks to a law suit. However this film makes clear that the church is not a healthy place for anyone.



  1. Thank you Steve for your review. You covered how I wanted to portray our story. As you mentioned we are telling a story that interweaves our personal experiences and the impact a structured organized mind control organization had on our lives.