Friday, August 11, 2023

Two Fantasia 2023 Shorts: Se dit d'un cerf qui quitte son bois and Sweet Tooth

Se dit d'un cerf qui quitte son bois
Sick twisted tale is a a kind of modern day Logan's Run as the younger generation kills the old folks in an effort to make sure that things remain fresh.

This is a sick twisted tale with a biting sense of humor. Its a film that not only is poisoned confection but also is a biting satire about a society that values the young over the old.


Sweet Tooth 
When a working class woman takes her daughter to her job working for a rich family her daughter is sent to play with the child of the was a bad idea.

Class war in the play room is a dark little confection. Its a film that reveals how bad behavior starts young. Its a film that is going to make you squirm and keep you mouth clamped tightly shut.

If you want to feel uneasy- this film is for you.

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