Saturday, August 12, 2023

Psychosis (2023) Popcorn Frights

Horror/comedy/thriller hybrid concerns a fixer who hears voices and has an internal narrator narrating his life, getting mixed up with drug dealers who run afoul with a criminal mastermind/monster and has to fight for his life and those he loves.

One of a kind film is one that is best seen with a large appreciative audience. Knowingly made, the film plays into things at times so that it will provoke the audience watching it adding to the fun. Looking like a waking black and white nightmare shot in the Academy ratio, the film feels like it should have been released back in the days when midnight movies played every Friday and Saturday night.

I really liked the film, though I wish I had seen it in a theater instead of a laptop. As I said above this is a film that would have been so much better with people reacting and talking to the screen. Even without an audience there is enough here to delight film fans who like the off beat and like call backs to cinema of old (this film might have made a hell of a serial)


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