Sunday, August 6, 2023

The Three Sisters of Tenmasou Inn (2023) Japan Cuts 2023


The spirit of a young woman who is in coma travels to an inn between life and death where she meets the spirits of the sisters she never knew she had, who are running an inn where people wait to see if they will cross over or return to earth.

This manga based tale is either going to thrill you with it's gushing sentimentality, especially in the final half hour, or it's going to make you flee from the theater. It's a film that works very hard to have a point and to make you feel good about life and what comes next.

Truth be told I really liked much of the film. A great deal of the film is good times with good people. Everyone on the screen is really nice.  SO long as the film is focusing on the various relationships, I was perfectly happy to go along with everything.

The problem for me is that the film works a bit too hard to make us feel warm and fuzzy. The film seems intent on making us tear up and it goes to great lengths to make it happen. It's not completely bad, but you really will wish it dialed things back a notch or two. Especially in the final half hour where it is so intent on getting us to a certain point the film loses several characters along the way.

While not bad, the film kind of wears out it's welcome by the end. This might have worked if it had been a half an hour shorter.

Worth a look for the curious

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