Sunday, May 21, 2023

Abled (2022) SFF


Portrait of paralympian Blake Leeper who is so good a runner that he has fought to compete in the regular Olympics. 

Super portrait of a man who over came the limitation put upon him by genetics (he has two short legs) to become one of the greatest athletes in the world. The film follows Leeper as he tries to be allowed to go to the regular Olympic in Tokyo in 2021. Raised to just go for it we follow Leeper  in his struggle. He doesn't see any problem with what he is doing. He doesn't see any real difference between what he can do with anyone else. He is simply trying to be the best athlete possible. 

This film is moving in several different ways. His story of not giving up and being the best you can is inspiring and moving. And you expect that from a story such as this.  The film however also makes it clear how wrong organized athletic organizations can be. Time and time again they refuse to let him participate saying his legs give him an advantage but at no time to they make any effort to go to him and see what is really going on. If his blades were that big an advantage wouldn't everyone  be able to do what he does?

I was moved Leepers story.

ABLED is one of the great unexpected gems of 2023.

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