Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Cracked (2022) hits VOD and DVD on May 26

CRACKED shouldn’t work. It’s a tale that is similar to any number of films and it’s full of cliché turns and yet the film works and results in chills as tells it’s story of past evils invading the present.

The film is the story of a widowed mother who needs money desperately to pay for an eye operation for her daughter. With no way to get the money a friend of her father shows up in New York to say that her father had passed away and left behind a couple of paintings  that some rich guy wants to buy once a little restoration is done. If she goes back to Thailand she will be able to get the money she needs.  However once she arrives things begin to go south as weird things happen, the painting start to decay and the ghosts of the past come back.

This is a dark and moody film about how the sins of our families past come back to haunt us. The back story here is a creepy one and suitably unpleasant. I’m not going to  ruin it by going into details.

To be honest some of the ghostly happenings reminded me of other supernatural tales, however director Surapong Ploensang cleverly uses some of the cliché turns against us. We maybe expecting certain turns but Ploensang ups the ante in such away that we can’t help but remain at the edge of our seat. (remember cliches would be cliches if they didn’t work). I may have had an idea how some of the plot was going to go but I didn’t know it all and I didn’t expect somethings to be taken as far as they were.

What an absolute delight.

I loved this film and recommend the madness to anyone who wants to have a chilly night at the movies.

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