Sunday, May 14, 2023

Year of Fox (2023) SFF 2023

Year of the Fox is the story of a young woman who dealing with the divorce of her slightly older parents. The normal trials and tribulations of being a teen are complicated by the games her parents are playing with each other that involve her being used as a pawn. As a result of everything she ends up getting sucked into the party scene is Aspen and has to confront a world where men are trying to score with younger woman, some of whom are seeing the attention and possibilities as a way of gaining power and control.

This film is an absolute kick is the head. There have been films like this before but very few of them feel like the story is truly real. Year of the Fox feels real since it’s based on the experiences of writer ---- who puts her heart and soul into the events on screen. The result is troubling film  that will make you want to lock up your daughters because it reveals men to be real pigs. Part of me wanted to discount what I was seeing, but the truth of the matter is that being a guy I’ve seen the games for myself, not just games guys play but also the games divorcing couples play, and this film gets it right.

Blessed with a great cast, Year of the Fox pulls us in from the first frame. It’s a film that feels like life in a way we rarely get. It may not be a documentary only because to see what happens as a documentary would be too difficult to watch.

Basically this film kicks your ass.

This is one you are going to want to see- and recommend.

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