Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Angkor (2022)

Your reaction to this IMAX exploration of the lost Cambodian city/temple will depend on whether you see the film in 2D or 3D.  While there is difference between the two films other than the glasses, they are actually what hakes the film work since the glasses gives the illusion of being in the temple itself.

The film itself is a look at the discovery and restoration of the whole area. It’s brief look at the history of the complex and of how it was swallowed up by the jungle before “rediscovery”. Actually the temple was known to various pilgrims who were followed by an archaeologist who then brought word back to the rest of the world. It has then been slowly restored over the last century plus with only some breaks for the wars that have ravaged the country.

To be perfectly honest while the film gives us a nice cursory history of Angkor, the film is rather dry and not as informative as it should have been. There is so much to this story that the film barely touches on in favor of giving us visual delights that you really have to wonder why they bothered. This should have been a feature not a 40 minute travelogue.  And while the film leans heavily on the visuals they aren’t always what they should be, unless you have the glasses on since you get the added depth that make the film come alive.

Is the film worth seeing? As an IMAX 3D film yes. As 2D and non IMAX  it can be skipped

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