Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Cabane A Sang2023: The Launch Event Scifi FIlms

The first night of this year's Cabane A Sang proves once again that this is the best programmed festival in the world. This first night of films, which will be streaming on their Facebook page, is a mind bending collection of short  science fiction tinged films that will delight and disturb you. There isn't a bad one in the bunch, which means it's almost two hours of thought provoking and haunting tales you won't be able to shake.

I'm hoping that the next three nights of films will be as good as these films are because this collection is fantastic. These are some truly great films, and  while most were new to me the one's I had run across previously were some of the best genre films out there.

What follows is a brief run down of the selections screening. I don't say much because I don't want to spoil them. Additionally since the films are streaming on festival Facebook page (details here) you can just see the films for yourself.

I will be reviewing the collections that are playing each night so come back to see what you are missing on the nights that are only playing to sold out houses in Montreal. I will also waxing poetic about why this is one of the best fests in the world that I have ever run across,

A movie trailer about the Covid vaccine turning people into zombies. I want to see this film.

Steampunk martial arts trailer. It looks good but I want to see more.

A trailer for a grade Z martial arts/alien invasion film. I would love to see the full film with a big audience

A man gets lucky on a tinder app and finds his legendary date has left him carrying alien spawn.
This is absolutely the right balance of wrong, funny and gross. I thought I new what was going to happen but I was pleasantly surprised,

A martial arts master fights a cyborg. 

An effort to reclaim loaned things gets side tracked by a video game. Creepy thought about what happens when you save a level

A man contacts a machine intelligence

As a man's wife dies he has an encounter with a robotic priest. Bitter angry film about a man dealing with a robotic priest and people's lack of compassion.

A meteor falls from the sky and man takes it and the slime contained in it home. Awesome film about a man who never saw the blob.

A man must complete  certain tasks to see his love. A look at hat would it be like to be trapped in a video game turns into a proof of concept for a feature film we need to see.

A man tampers with time. A disturbing visceral film

A spy story and the e behind scenes.  A good look at the movies and how the magic is created

Strange creatures experiment on a man- weird and deeply disturbing tale with a sting in the tail.

Strange found footage alien invasion is like going into another universe.

For more information on the festival go to the festival web page here

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