Wednesday, May 3, 2023

THE MELT GOES ON FOREVER: THE ART & TIMES OF DAVID HAMMONS (2022) opens Friday at the Film Forum

The film begins with a recounting of one of the talking heads talking about walking down the street when she was a girl and finding a man who was selling snowballs of various sizes on the street. She ended up buying one and saving it in her freezer. It was only years later that she discovered who the man was, artist David Hammons

THE MELT GOES ON FOREVER is the look at  artist via interviews with Hammonds and the people he know him. Its an intriguing  film that had me spending a couple of hours after the screening looking up more information on Hammons and his art. The work Hammons has produced over the years truly is wonderful.  It also crosses different media in ways that most artists never attempt. I came out of the film as a fan.

As much as I love Hammons art ant the stories told about him I’m not as big a fan of the film. I blame the way of how Hammons story is told with any real sense of who he is held off for about a quarter of the film. We get the stories of the work but not the man so there is a kind of hole in the film at times. It kept me from fully giving myself over to the film.

That said, there is some great art here and some greater stories, so I just want to say- if you think you might like this go see it.

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