Friday, May 26, 2023

Country of Hotels (2019)

Three stories set in room 508 of an unnamed hotel showing the creepy side of life.

One story is mistress and her love, another is the tale of a slowly unhinging business man, the third is concerns a rock star who is waiting for his girlfriend. With the thing tying them together being the story of the staff of the hotel. Though the reality is the stories are not self-contained and bleed over into each other, sometimes in surprising ways.

When I finished the COUNTRY OF HOTELS I went on line to try and get a handle on what people thought of the film. It wasn’t a matter of not knowing what happened in the film, more that this is the sort of film that makes you want to talk about it as soon as it’s done. Its not a film that you watch alone and then go off into the night, rather it’s a film that that you watch  and when it ends you turn to the person next to you and discuss it. Having sat at home and watched the film on a screener, I had no one to engage with and I had to turn somewhere.

While being billed and sold as a horror film, and having horror elements to it, it's not wholly a horror film.. The truth is that the film falls across genres and easily isn’t classified. I suspect that the inability to pigeon hole the film is what is going to keep some people from being in love with the film. Many people need to know what a film is or they won’t like it.  If I was hard pressed to label the film I would simply say “disturbing” and leave it at that. I say that because there are things in this film that really bothered me. We go into people psyche’s and lives in  ways we probably shouldn’t. I didn’t like being with these people and was left feeling deeply disturbed and bothered by what was transpiring on the screen. I suspect that’s a kind of a rave, but at the same time I need to take a shower.

If you want an unclassifiable film that is going to get under your skin and leave you bothered give Country of Hotels a shot

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