Monday, May 1, 2023

Revir Everything You Hold Dear (2023) Hot Docs 2023

A document of the dysfunctional relationship between a brother and sister who make a living doing taxidermy.

Watching REVIR I was pondering how it was that the filmmakers came upon the brother and sister at the heart of the film and how it was that they  agreed to let their lives be filmed.  It’s not that there is anything wrong or bad in what we see except their damaged psyches,  but more that they are very open and what we see is really raw. It’s clear through everything we see that there is a lot of baggage and it’s kind of uncomfortable seeing it unpacked before us. Kudos to director Peter Hammer for making this happen because it gives us an insight into two damaged individuals.

As much as I am in awe of how this film gets into the head and hearts of its subject, I find that I like the film more than loved it. It’s not that there is anything wrong, actually the filmmaking is top shelf, rather this is not my type of film.

My feelings aside this is really good and recommended.

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