Sunday, April 30, 2023

Minore (2023) FANTSPOA 2023


In a small Greek village some of the towns folk, tourists and musicians must fight off some evil eye creatures from the sea.

Wonderful mix of horror and comedy is an absolute delight. Taking the time to create real characters and situations this film gives us a group of people we like and with whom we want to fight the monsters. More importantly, while occasionally having its tongue in its cheek it never lets things spin wildly out of control. The jokes come from the people and situations and not just the need for a cheap laugh. The film creates a splendid sense of good will that carries us from start to finish.

One of the things I love about the film is the monsters. While on one hand they are kind of funny, on the other they are creepy as all hell. We want to see them die because despite looking kind of silly, they are also incredibly unnerving. In a weird way they are some of the best designed monsters I've seen in years.

I loved this film and I would love to see it again at a festival where I could see it with a theater full of people all on the same page, or in a drive in movie where it's wonderful 1970's or 1980's Euro Horror vibe would be right at home.

One of the best films at this year's Fantaspoa, MINORE is a must see for horror fans.

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