Friday, April 14, 2023


Nonprofessional actors tell a version of their lives in a story of a group of women bikers in Brazil. They are on the outside of society and are struggling to get along.

I really liked this film about a way of life I know nothing about. Looking more like Hollywood's idea of a post-apocalyptic dystopia DRY GROUND BURNING reveals to us how close we are to a society that is very different than we see in America. I kind of groaned when I realized that I was going to be committing to a two-and-a-half-hour film, but once the film started, I was instantly transported to another place.

The performances are for the most part very good. Only when the film pauses for sequences where the characters are just sitting and talking is there any sense they are not real people or trained actors. It’s only in those moments they don’t seem to know how to ‘act”. Outside of that this film feels as if it could be a documentary.

This is a gem. 

If you want to a solid drama that isn't Hollywood. DRY GROUND BURNING is a must

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