Friday, April 7, 2023

The Pure Place (2021)

Horror collides with heavy handed social commentary in a film that looks good but never manages to make the horror mesh with the lofty ideas

Allegorical horror film about children who are part of a cult. Considered the lowest of the low they wander a Greek Island living in filth and shoplifting what they need. They are waiting for the time when their leader will call them and lift them up into cleanliness and purity.  However the path to salvation takes unexpected turns for everyone involved.

Great looking film missed the mark for me. A little too insistent on being more than a horror film I never fell under its spell since it always seemed to be striving to be about something other than chills. This isn’t to sell the film completely short, it works as an drama an allegory, but it’s not really a scary film, which is what I wanted.

Reservations aside it’s worth a look for the curious.

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