Saturday, April 22, 2023

Orphea in Love (2023) Fantaspoa 2023

One of a kind musical dance romance drama is for anyone who doesn’t want your typical Hollywood style film.

A retelling of the story of Orpheus gender flipped and set in the modern day the film focuses on a dancer and a singer who fall passionately in love.

This film let’s you know early on when Orphea is working at her job in a call center and her  boss comes over and shifts from yelling at her in sentences to pure jibberish. Soon after that people are bursting into song and others are dancing. Everything has a heightened sense of reality that you only get in theater. Its an effect that causes us to lean in and go along with the story because we get the feeling that anything is possible  and we want to see what that entails.

This is pure cinematic magic, and while there are some missteps, most of this is just glorious and delight.


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