Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Have you Seen This Woman (2023) NDNF2023

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN begins with a news broadcast that talks about a missing woman, the film then shifts to tell the stories of a one woman in three different situations.

While I’m not sure if this all hangs together HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN still packs a big punch in the gut thanks to  Ksenija Marinkovićgiving one of the great performances of the year. Bleeding out every emotion under the sun Ksenija Marinković doesn’t give a performance so much as full inhabits the life of the woman we see on screen. Everything is there, every thought and every emotion is expressed in every look and gesture. This is as full bodied a performance as they come-one need only watch the rave sequence if you want to understand just how f-ing magnificent a performance can be. What an absolute sin that Oscar and the other awards will probably not take notice of it.

For me Ksenija Marinković is the reason you NEED to see this film.  It’s so good I simply have nothing else I can say about the film, even if it speaks volumes about how women, especially older women are seen, or not, by society.

One of the great finds of this years NDNF.

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