Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Winter Boy (2022) opens Friday

This is going to be shorter than it should be because  WINTER BOY kicked up a lot of things that I still can not deal with after the death of my dad 3 years ago

This is the story of Lucas a 17 year old young man who is devastated by the death of his father in a car wreck. Uncertain if the death was an accident or suicide he goes into a downward spiral. Going off to stay with a friend in the city he begins a series of random sexual encounters as he works out who he is and how he feels.

Real and raw in a way that few films are WINTER BOY has the feeling of real life. It isn't surprising since it is based upon the director's own experiences. This is an often painful film  as Lucas and others will periodically talk directly to us as if they are explaining what they are feeling. It feels more like a documentary in those moments even though they are coming from the actors and actresses. Its a trope that hammers the emotions home as the walls between the audience and the characters on screen come down.

This was for me, someone who is still not processing the death of either of my parents, a gut punch. I from reading some reviews from earlier screenings that that the film laid out several people who saw in Lucas echoes of their own lives when they were coming of age and coming to terms with their sexuality.

My refusal to discuss the film aside this is a great film. It has one of the best casts you'll see all year and a connection to life that is like an electric high voltage line. 

Highly recommended.

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