Sunday, April 30, 2023

Echo Of Everything (2023) Hot Docs 2023

ECHO OF EVERYTHING is a trip. My basic attitude is just buy a ticket and take a ride, but since that doesn’t really work for a review, let me talk for a couple of minutes.

ECHO is a meditation on the nature of music, or it starts off as a meditation/essay on the nature of music and then goes off into all sorts of unexpected places like the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Nominally it is an illustrated talk where director Cam Christiansen‘s talk is illustrated by Andy Curtis in Caligari like make up and segments with different musicians whose music help to illustrate the points he is making.

It’s very hard to really explain what this film is because the film isn’t a film, but a trip. Where we get on to the train of celluloid is not where we get off. The film changes as it goes along. More importantly the film changes us as we go along. Whether you like the film or not the sheer act of seeing  THE ECHO OF EVERYTHING is going to alter your DNA. The questions it raises, and the thoughts it puts before you will force you to engage with them and as you wrestle with the implications of each point your view of “everything” changes. You are not the same person you were at the start.  This isn’t am idle statement, but the truth since each piece of information builds on the last. It’s like a perfectly selected play list of music and ideas meant to your head and heart dancing in a new direction.

I can only imagine what second and third or more viewings will result in since, as I said above, everything builds on everything else.

And while that may make the film sound overly heady, it isn’t. It is instead a fun ride that delights you in the best ways. Its such a blast to just watch, that odds are you aren’t going to realize that it got your mind going until sometime after the end credits have finished rolling and you find you are still thinking about the film.

What an absolute delight.

A must see.

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