Saturday, April 29, 2023

Logger (2023) Fantaspoa 2023


Logger is a cinematic horror tinged tone poem. It’s a film where form over comes substance making it a cinematic work of ghoulish art.

The film follows what happens when a logger finds a dead body in the woods and death shows up to help him sort things out. It’s nowhere near as silly as that sounds.

This is a film best seen in a theater or in a darkened room with no distractions. You need to fully give yourself over to the film and let it work it’s magic. I say this because the construction of the film is very deliberate. It take awhile before anything happens. It’s not that it’s draggy or anything, rather it’s operating on its own time table. It’s doing so not to build scares but create an uneasy uncomfortable mood that is going to haunt you.

Logger is all about that mood. It’s not a film of jump scare but something darker. Logger is one of those small scale films that crawl under your skin and root around with you. There are things I the film that just aren’t right, more so when they are attached to all of the other things rattling around in the film. I wasn’t scared by the film, rather I was bothered by it for the seven or eight hours that passed from when I saw it until I went to bed. I also suspect that some of the images were the reason I didn’t get a good sleep that night.

While Logger leans a bit toward the more artistic end of the horror spectrum, I still recommend the film for any horror fan because I suspect there is something inside it that is going to stick with you.

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