Saturday, April 1, 2023

Trim Season (2023) Overlook Film Festival

A group of friends go up to a cannabis farm in order to make some money however it quickly transpires that there is something really wrong going on.

Good but slightly frustrating horror film has some truly chilling moments. There is some truly disturbing moments here with visual effects that will make you sit up and go ‘WHOA!”. I say this because right from the start the film announces itself as something special as something terrible happens to two young woman in the opening minutes. It’s not so much the use of scissors but the contorting of the bodies that had be starring wide eyed.  The visual horrors continue later in the film in ways that are best seen rather than described.

My frustration with the film comes from the way, like many other cannabis films fetishize weed. Most films with weed as a focus spend too much time focusing on the physical plant in it’s various forms. I’ve never been so fascinated by the plant or use that I would love to watch sequences focusing on them.  It always feels like they are playing to the stoner crowd instead of telling a good story. Sadly most films in the weed genre think being about weed is enough, which is why I avoid them.  While most of TRIM SEASON doesn’t do that, there are still a couple of moments that fall into that category and they took me out of the film.

On the other hand the good stuff in this film, the death and destruction, There is some ugly (in a good way) stuff here, and it needs to be seen by horror lovers.

Worth a look.

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